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What you think is the best,not necessarily the best for you

01 Sep 2021 -


In the workplace, we always have such an unrealistic fantasy:

Always hope that you can step on every node, always hope that you can occupy all the advantages, always hope that you will be the person favored by the fate.

Generous boss, friendly colleagues, earnest boss, gentle customers...

With rich salary, a comfortable office environment, you can let yourself calm, comfortable face and deal with work matters.

No one will stab behind the back, no one will point, no one will speak, no one will talk nonsense.


What would you do if you were in this environment?What will you change?

Will you make leaps and bounds in your own field, learn various skills, and become comprehensive and professional?


No matter how wise you are, how rich you are, basically have nothing to do with you.

Day after day, lie flat, isn't it?

No pressure, no competition, can only let people in a inefficient environment, endless.

Lazy is human nature, diligence is anti-human, unless forced by reality, or with strong motivation or interest.

Let's assume that if the admission rate of 985 universities is 100%, and if the two TOP 2 schools of Peking University and Tsinghua University are 40%.

This means you don't need to work hard, even if you pay all the college entrance examination, you can enter 985 universities.


As long as you work a little bit hard, as long as the results are almost medium, you can enter Peking University and Tsinghua University, then what motivation do you have, to study hard?Brush the questions every day until 1:30 in the morning?

So life needs pressure, need to collision, need you to face the bottom struggle, need you to experience the boss pressure, need you to see customers unreasonable, need you to experience colleagues treacherous, need you sad, need you to taste the world, in order to find the direction in the cruel competition.

Break and stand.

There is nothing that you should have, or that someone else should give you.

Line to the poor place, to sit to see the clouds rise.

At that time, only the road is ordinary, really all the way, will understand everything is unusual.

What you think is the best, just shallow ideas, but not necessarily the best for you.


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