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Silicone Bottle

The Production Process Of Silicone Bottle

What makes our silicone water bottle great?the features of our collapsible silicone water bottles:BPA free,food grade silicone, non-toxic, no smell,never release harmful chemicals;Collapsible,save space,portable;Light weight;Large bottleneck,reversible to clean;customizable;great for gift.

select your colors from 7 colors-blue,sky-blue,purple,orange,pink,red,rose-red.

The silicone collapsible water bottle have 4 kinds of capacity to meet your daily needs by folding.

The package of silicone collapsible water bottle

The patent and the certification of our silicone collapsible water bottle.FDADisney

Our factory produce silicone collapsible water bottles

our collapsible silicone water bottle usage-camping,hiking,daily life,mountain biking,outdoor sport,at the beach oy pool,canoeing,GYM,taddlers and kids.

If you want to  purchase our collapsible water bottles, 

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